Prepaying your Lake County 2017 Real Estate Taxes — from the Lake County Treasurer

Many Illinois residents are considering prepaying their 2017 Real Estate taxes.  Here is information from Lake County -- the deadline is December 29! Happy Holidays to you!  
Patti Deemer

Accepting Pre-Payments for the 2017 Tax Year

Friday, December 1, 2017

As in the past, we are accepting Pre-Payments for the 2017 tax year up until 5pm, Dec 29, 2017. Unfortunately, postmark will not be accepted! Also, please be aware that we will be closed 12/22 & 12/25 due to the Christmas Holiday. You can either mail in a check or bring it in to our office. Please do not submit an ECheck or use Online banking. MAIL OR BRING IN TO: Lake County Treasurer 18 N County St Rm 102 Waukegan, IL 60085 You can pay whatever you’d like, just not to exceed the amount that was paid this year. 2017 taxes have not been calculated yet. Please keep in mind that we deposit the Pre-Payments immediately. They are held in an account earmarked for their specific PINS. When you receive the original tax bill in May 2018, it will not reflect the Pre-Payment that you made. It isn’t until after the billing that we will apply your Pre-Payment and send you an updated bill for the balance if the amount is more than last year or notice of a refund if it is less.

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